Professional Skills
  • ID: TALENTS237793
  • Name : Raphael Gorgy
  • Age : 34
  • Nationality : united arab emirates
  • Professional Skills : Editing / Colorist
  • Pricing : AED 1500 per day (8 hours)
  • Biography : Raphael has been in the Television industry for over 10 years now. The Egyptian began as an Visual effects artist for a TV Animation Series at the age of 20 in Egypt. he then continued to study Media and Management Studies at a top University in Cairo. Moving to Dubai in 2013, he worked for Selevision as a video producer and moved onto Freelance work to support different Media agencies or individual film directors with editing , post-production , motion graphics , visual effects. he has worked on many International and National TV Promos , Social Media Videos, TV Commercials, Government. With his strong background in the media industry, along with his artistic and organizational qualities, he has been called one of the best Producers and Motion graphics artist based in Dubai.

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